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Tension & Mood – Ep234

Are you in the mood?
Are you in the mood?

Plot is awesome, but what makes a game fun to play at the table is effective use of tension and mood.

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Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Brandon and Brandi
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  1. Sam
    Sam October 6, 2015

    Another excellent episode, Gamerstable. I look forward to hearing how using more music in gaming works for you. My group rarely playing without a movie score in the background. I recommend the sountracks for Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Burn After Reading and the Incredibles. They are all great at setting mood without too much distraction from overly recognizable scores.
    The Incredibles is a favorite of mine. It’s specific tone of cool adventure fits many games. Any fight scene is cooler with that much brass!

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