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What’s in a Name? – Ep239

With a name like Lucius Malfoy, he’s a really nice guy right?

Let’s talk about one of the more underrated and vitally important aspects of character creation. The name.

Cast – Dan, Eric, Brandon, Brandi and Mike
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  1. Hopeless
    Hopeless November 10, 2015

    Had a cleric of Helm whose mother was a member of the church of Lathander.
    Due to her being divorced he was raised in her brother’s faith that of Helm but upon becoming a cleric he chose to honour his mother by changing his first name from Roland to Heron something that put him at odds with his uncle.
    This of course never came up during the game in fact I doubt the dm even read my background history so none of them knew anything about this!

    Then there was the Halfling sorceress whose name was based on the pack it arrived in, didn’t stop me using the Complete Book of Halflings to generate up a name ending up with Cal’Thea don’t even know what that stood for now!

    So Olivia Copperbell was intended as a sorcerer/druid but the dm decided to change the campaign rules so arcane casters couldn’t multi-class as divine casters so she was well on her way to becoming an Arcane Trickster before I moved out of the area and subsequently left the group.

    Does Tuarte mean My Art in Spanish?

    Odd I’d think of that now!

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