I’m Over It – Ep242

I’m Over It – Ep242

What are you over?
What are you over?

There comes a time when enough is enough. Do you let it go? Are you over it?

Cast – Jayson, Shawn, Brandon, Brandi, Mike, Dan and Eric

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6 thoughts on “I’m Over It – Ep242

  1. As I hold on to all my bitter rage with the fire of a thousand suns, I have not gotten over anything but I do have a recommendation.
    Everyone likes Victoriana, and Dan want’s Al-Qadim. Those two fit together quite nicely. A number of the more urban Al-Qadim adventures could be placed in the Ottoman Empire. I ran an adventure (Nine Flawed Sapphires) set in Istanbul as a break between two larger Victoriana campaigns and it worked very well. Many of the scenarios in “A Dozen and One Adventures” would need very little structural damage.
    The exotic descriptions of Al-Qadim fit well as the bizarre experiences of a few Englishmen abroad.

  2. Entertaining as usual.

    A couple things you might want to check out.
    1) R. Talsorian (Cyberpunk 2020) is going to be putting out a Witcher table top rpg early in 2016.
    2) If you guys like playing “bad guys” you should check out GRAmels new setting for Savage Worlds called Tropicana. You play gangsters, spies, mercs, entertainers, etc. on this small banana republic Island in the Caribbean. Can you say “Say hell to my little friend!” 😉

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