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2016 Resolutions & Challenges – Ep246

Challenge Accepted!
Challenge Accepted!

It is that time, where we strive to better ourselves and try to screw each other over for the next year.

Cast – Shannon, Dan, Eric, Jayson, Shawn, Brandi and Mike
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  1. Scott
    Scott December 29, 2015

    Good ep, amusing as always. To make a couple of suggestions for the SW game you are planning; get the Fantasy Companion, forget XPs just give the players a raise every 3-4 sessions (balances out anyway), if you have them available use the spell durations out of either Solomon Kane or Hellfrost.

    Looking forward to the next AP…Eric’s Magnum Opus. Should be fun.

  2. Greg
    Greg December 29, 2015

    You don’t need the Fantasy Companion, just use the Deluxe Core Book and your imagination.

    But, go to the Jerrod Gunning channel on youtube to check for the weekly GM hangout on Wednesday to get GMing tips, particularly the archived ones and live plays…

    • Scott
      Scott December 29, 2015

      Don’t need it, but I would highly recommend it.

  3. Savage Bloggers Network
    Savage Bloggers Network December 31, 2015

    Just started listening to the podcast, but congrats and good luck on the New Year’s resolution!

    Strangely, I hear a lot of discussion about Savage Worlds in this episode but no Savage Worlds tag on the post. 😉

    I’ve had your Savage Worlds tag feed added to the aggregated Savage Bloggers Network RSS feed, but it didn’t pick up this post (or any others since Episode 229). Let me know if it would be appropriate to add the full feed going forward or if I should just keep using the tag feed.

    Good luck with the new resolution!

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable January 5, 2016

      The omission of the SW tag was fixed, thank you.

      Sometimes the game is just mentioned very briefly. I usually don’t tag it unless it is discussed more in depth. Our full feed discusses general gaming topics and gamer subculture, so unless you think that your network would be interested in that, using just the tag feed should be okay.

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