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Post-Apocalypse – Ep248

Just a man and his dog.
Just a man and his dog.

A very popular setting/genre that we don’t play enough of is post-apocalyptic. But what exactly is that?

Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Shawn, Deuce, Mike and Shannon

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  1. Saucy
    Saucy January 12, 2016

    The now defunct(-ish?) game Tribe 8 from Dream Pod 9 is at the top of my list of games I haven’t gotten to play, but want to. It’s post-apocalyptic with a kind-of fantasy twist.

  2. Rema
    Rema January 26, 2016

    Long time listener and my first time commenting.

    Good show. Certainly one of my favorite themes for games/movies/books.

    Many games both video and tabletop kind of glorify the apocalypse…it becomes a time of opportunity to rebuild to explore to buck the system its a chance for us to shuck our day jobs and become hero’s and survivors. I think this appeals to me because of this fantasy..the reality however is probably far starker and ends with dehydration and or starvation.

    This got me thinking about darker apocalypse tales and stories. Stuff like the book (and movie) “The Road” which explores the idea of “when is life worth living” or the video game “This War of Mine” where you play normal people caught up in the horror of urban warfare (basically a localized apocalypse perhaps made worse because you know somewhere things are normal). This theme is probably much harder to explore in a tabletop setting, and really who wants that level of visceral crushing depression in their game I suppose.

    Another interesting setting for an Apocalypse style game is living in the shadow of an impending life as we know it ending event. The book “The Last Policeman” explores the idea of what happens to society when there is a 100% chance that an extinction level asteroid is going to strike the earth in the next year. A good read and a great source for how society could fall apart for Apocalypse minded DMs.

    Anyway enough of my rambling. Thanks for the thought provoking shows.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable January 27, 2016

      Thank you for listening and commenting.
      You’re right, hard reality is a hard sell. Especially for casual gamers whose idea of “the game” is beer & pretzel play. Headier, less fantasy stuff (like what you’re talking about) would appeal to some and would probably be fuel for wonderful game-moment memories.

      Pending apocalypse would be a wonderful theme for a campaign. How would players play a game knowing that no matter what they did death of everything was eminent?

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