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Breaking Convention – Ep254

Warforged. At one time they were a break in convention
Warforged. At one time they were a break in convention

Sometimes even just the most minor change in a beloved game can open up new doors of adventure and fun.

Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Mike, Kevin and Shannon
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  1. Scott
    Scott February 23, 2016

    If you want an “outside the box” Western setting, but don’t really want to go so far down the rabbit hole as Dead Lands does try “The Sixth Gun” by Pinnacle.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable February 26, 2016

      Good one! The Sixth Gun is one of those that we’ve drooled over but never had the chance to play.

  2. Shane
    Shane February 24, 2016

    Another interesting take on superheroes is the “misfits” tv series out of uk.

  3. Danny
    Danny February 25, 2016

    I love the Magic 2.0 series, it’s a great take on Magic.

    I am a Fan of Eberron as well, but mostly because of DDO, I haven’t had a chance to play a PnP game

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable February 26, 2016

      DDO wasn’t something we did a lot of, but the little we did of it was fun. PnP Eberron was/is a nice divergence from the usual fantasy setting. I think a bit too much of a divergence for some.

  4. razzputin
    razzputin March 23, 2016

    If you’ve never done it I cannot recommend Reverse dungeon enough. It just flips the script but it’s completely outside the box for it. You have lousy stats lousy armor and these mean adventurers come into your home and kill you because of what some other goblins did. I tried to run it three different times with players pissing and moaning all through the first to times. The third group that finally embraced the idea had a blast. One of the best moments was after finally getting one of the invading adventurer’s down the cleric goes over and heals him. One player decried can he just do that so easy. To which another player chimed in with “to be fair we’ve been doing it that way for about a decade now”. I didn’t even have to say a word it was greatness. Anyway love the show keep up the good work.

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