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Movie Mining: Hellboy – Ep259


A rare “gamer perfect storm”. The 2004 film based on the Dark Horse comic is everything a gamer should like, and would make the perfect RPG campaign.


Cast – Mike, Dan, Eric and Jayson


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  1. Ursus Maritimus
    Ursus Maritimus March 29, 2016

    I know you pronounced it the same way they did in the movie, but “thule”, as in the “thule society” is pronounced “too-lee”. Great show.

    • GT Mike
      GT Mike April 5, 2016

      Too-lee. Well that’s rocked 40 years of my life, lol. As a Greyhawk fan I’ve often been amused by proper pronunciations and being corrected is half the fun. Well done Ursus.

  2. Scott
    Scott March 29, 2016

    Like a lot of HPL stuff Nergal was taken from history. “He” was worshipped in Mesopotamia.

    I’ve always wanted to run a BPRD game as well. If you want to get around the “I want to play Hellboy” just set the game in the time frame when he disappeared. Or, following the movies after the end of the Golden Army when he, Liz and Abe quit. A BPRD game where the Agency is trying to compensate for the loss of its “Big Guns” would be interesting I think, anyway.

    Another excellent ep guys.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable March 29, 2016

      Thank you!

      Great setting idea! Removing the established “big gun” NPCs would ensure PC agency and enable them to shine, while being able to hold on to and mine the source material. Good call.

      • Scott
        Scott April 4, 2016

        I really don’t know why some one hasn’t done an official Savage Worlds BPRD setting. It seems to me to be a “no brainer” franchise to exploit.

  3. Rick
    Rick March 29, 2016

    Check out a movie called “Cube”. It’s very trippy. That movie would be great mined for a game

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable March 29, 2016

      Thanks Hammer. We’ll definitely check that one out. Might have to tie the cast to their chairs and make them watch it Clockwork Orange style though.

    • GT Mike
      GT Mike April 5, 2016

      Sounds familiar, was that the same movie/franchise as hyper-cube? Or maybe Cube was about a hyper-cube. Either way I’m intrigued. 🙂

  4. Sam
    Sam March 30, 2016

    BPRD is my favorite setting to run. Anything can be tossed in.
    You want fantasy, find some elves or look into Hyperborea. You want superheroes, they’re jumping all over World War Two. You want Lovecraftian horror, look under a rock, it’s everywhere.You want 30’s pulp, go find Lobster Johnson.
    Mike Mignola purposefully designed a universe where he could draw whatever he wanted, which gives tremendous freedom to Gamemasters. BPRD is the only setting I can comfortably run in Savage Worlds, Gumshoe, BRP, and D6 without changing tone or story.
    When I run BPRD, the player’s aren’t Hellboy. I let one player per group play a character with supernatural abilities, but they know before hand that anything otherworldly will be a curse more than a blessing. Abe Sapian, thankfully, doesn’t know who he is, Liz Sherman has killed hundreds of innocents, and Hellboy has to bring about the end of the World.

    • GT Mike
      GT Mike April 5, 2016

      That’s very cool!
      I like Hellboy, but wasn’t sure why until you wrote this. I always assumed it was the archetypal villains and monsters, but no it’s the whole mood of the setting.

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