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Anachronisms – Ep260

Barney Rubble. What an actor.

Is it important to be as accurate as possible? Does it really matter?


Cast – Jayson, Mike, Dan and Eric


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  1. Scott
    Scott April 7, 2016

    They have found obsidian knives with a cutting edge of less then 1 micron. That is actually, a sharper edge then modern surgical steel can hold. In other words they are sharper then scalpels. Obsidian blades are used in some eye surgeries these days.

    The only problem with the MACUAHUITL(?) is that after a couple of hits the teeth are all broken.

    Another good ep guys.

    • this_is_Dan
      this_is_Dan April 11, 2016

      Thank you for listening!
      I want to quit my job and make Obsidian Knives on the RenFair circuit.

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