Transitioning from Player to GM – Ep85

Transitioning from Player to GM – Ep85

It’s not often that you come up with a masterpiece right out of the gate. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

One of our listeners asked us for some advice on how to transition from being a player in a group to the gamemaster for the group.


As we do, we walk around the topic and may or may not actually tackle it.


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Thanks to Jay Wallaur for giving us this topic to work with.


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson, Shannon, Shawn


Intro: Mark

Outro: Dan


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4 thoughts on “Transitioning from Player to GM – Ep85

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thank you for addressing my question. Awesome show as always!
    I’m a few months in as a GM and everything is working out.
    I have a tall GM screen so my players don’t see me sweating behind it.
    Thanks again! Sincerely, -Jay

  2. FIASCO AP! FIASCO AP! Do it! Do it!

    As for a constructive comment. Creating a story can be intimidating. You guys mentioned a story you want to tell, but a potential newbie GM may be very nervous about trying to create a deep story that will be interesting / engaging to the players. There are numerous games that allow the players to establish narrative or facts about the world / story, which could be a good system for a new GM to offload some of the story creation to the players.

    Have you done a discussion on the different ways to craft a story / plot for a game?

    1. Fiasco AP… interesting. We’ve thought about it in the past. Could be time to stir that pot again.

      Dresden Files RPG (as mentioned in the episode) has an in-game mechanic during character generation that could help a new GM. Anything that helps build relationships between the characters and the world they are in, outside of the GM having to create it for them, is beneficial to any GM not just a newbie.

      We have not done a show on the art of story-craft. But we will now. Thanks Brian.

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