Supervillains – Ep93

Supervillains – Ep93

Bane was on the greatest parts of the Batman movie... what? Wrong one?... Shit!
Bane was on the greatest parts of the Batman movie… what? Wrong one?… Shit!

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Something about the superhero genre that almost all agree on, a well made supervillain can make or break a character. A cool hero with a lame rogues gallery can have a lot of trouble with legitimacy.


In this episode we discuss some of our favorite menaces.


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Cast – Eric, Mike, Shannon, Dan, Mark, Jayson, Greg and Shawn


Intro: Mike

Outro: Dan


Items Mentioned: Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, The Usual Suspects, DC Heroes RPG, IGN, City of Heroes

6 thoughts on “Supervillains – Ep93

  1. Well obviously I’m going to have similar favorites.
    Carnage- Great powers, insanity that’s really unpredictable, and unique origin.
    Unicron (80’s Movie version) Not a unique concept exactly, but I loved the intelligence behind it.
    Vecna Now granted, not exactly a supervillian in the typical sense, but a man who became a god by his own hand yet still deals in secrets and evil… just all kinda fun!

    Runner up- Sylar’s father from heroes. I adore the idea of what happens at the end of the cycle for munchkins. I mean so many players would end up having their characters BECOME this guy!

  2. Nonpowered: Red Hood (who doesn’t want a Robin gone bad?!)
    Powered: Deathstroke the Terminator (capable of fighting an entire team of supers and when done properly would seriously scare anyone except Batman for writer purposes only)
    Cosmic: Galactus (well until he became someone’s herald then I go with beyonder powered Doctor Doom)

    So here’s a challenge to the Gamer’s Table I have heard about this golden age mutants and masterminds game you’ve been playing and this seems an ideal time to ask if you got to select from any of the archetypes in the gm’s tool kit for M&M 3rd edition which one would you select fro a supervillain character.
    No need to roll what abilities they have just select one archetype from the random character generator table…

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