Freaks, Geeks & Oddball PCs – Ep97

Freaks, Geeks & Oddball PCs – Ep97

Which one is your character Mike?
Which one is your character Mike?

Sometimes playing a joke character can enliven a game and totally enrich a game group. Mostly though they are annoying and derail things or at least distract them.


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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn
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Intro: Mark
Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:
Buck Rogers, Gen Con, Victoriana, Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Star Trek, Toon, From Dusk til Dawn

Editor’s Note:
Special thanks to the awesome Gil Gerard for the fantastic intro bumper.

7 thoughts on “Freaks, Geeks & Oddball PCs – Ep97

  1. Awesome intro indeed. 🙂
    I have to agree that they can both suck and be awesome at the same time. If the comic oddball becomes a one man show instead of the colorful addition, it can grossly effect the momentum of the campaign.

    I’ve played all kinds of characters, but in my early days I had my fair share of strange ones. My favorite are the really super out there types that sound ridiculous on paper, but get so masterfully roleplayed that you retain suspension of disbelief.

    Try This: Write up the silliest pythonesk oddball for a game, and totally pull and Oscar win with it! Give it depth and subtext nobody would anticipate. Amaze yourself.

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