[Kickstarter Bonus] Bloopers & Outtakes

[Kickstarter Bonus] Bloopers & Outtakes

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Warning NSFW.

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[Bonus AP] Justice League: Immortal Coil – Mutants & Masterminds AP

[Bonus AP] Justice League: Immortal Coil – Mutants & Masterminds AP

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The Justice League has uncovered a conspiracy and now must race against the clock to stop a threat that, if left unchecked, could destroy the entire world.



Jayson King – Superman

Brandon Williams – Aquaman

Brandi Williams – Green Lantern: Jessica Cruz

Mike Bridges – Green Lantern: Simon Baz

Brandon Irwin – Batman

Shannon Steele – Wonder Woman

Dan Helderman – The Flash


Written & Directed by Eric Ausley

Theme music by Yens Keelstoft

Mutants & Masterminds is property of Green Ronin Publishing

Batman is property of DC Comics

What Topic? – Dreamchaser & Rap Session

What Topic? – Dreamchaser & Rap Session

When the opportunity to record an episode with our friends Pete, Kevin and Sarah presented itself we jumped at it. Which opens the door to other episodes with friends if they are willing to appeal to our sense of laziness and come to us.


We talk about Pete’s game Dreamchaser, Kickstarter and otherwise have a general rap session.


Cast – Dan, Pete, Kevin, Sarah, Jayson, Mike, Shannon and Eric



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