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Feedback – Ep32

Thank you Concorde.

We love having questions posted to us by our listeners. This episode we address some of those questions.


This is something that we pledge to do more often as the opportunity arises. Please email, or voicemail us your questions and we will read them (or play them) on the show.


Feedback – Ep32


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Greg, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 55:28


(Editor’s Note – This episode is about 15 minutes longer than our usual episodes, but we wanted to give each question its fair amount of time.)


00:00     Intro (and some hijinx)

00:50     Topic: Listener Questions

01:11     Topic: Q-Man’s Question – Hackmaster

Items Mentioned: Kenzer & Co, Dungeons & Dragons, Gen Con

08:24     TANGENT: Knights of the Dinner Table

Item Mentioned: Knights of the Dinner Table

09:13     Back to Q-Man’s Question

10:07     Topic: Jerrod’s 1st Question – PDFs

Items Mentioned: Drive Thru RPG, Legend of the Five Rings, Green Ronin

18:05     TANGENT: Electronic Comics and Used Games

Item Mentioned: Sidewinder

23:13     Topic: Jerrod’s 2nd Question – LARP

24:07     TANGENT: Is Yiffing Real?

24:44     Back to Jerrod’s 2nd Question

Items Mentioned: Role Models, Knights of Badassdom

37:30     Topic: Jerrod’s 3rd Question – Dice

54:45     Outro



One Comment

  1. Q-man
    Q-man November 22, 2011

    I totally agree the previous Kindles and Nooks are terrible for PDF’s, as well as the iPhone. Either the way its displayed or the size of the screen ruins your ability to read them in any useful way. From what I’ve seen the new Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire correct this. Like the iPhone you can easily scroll and zoom the PDF, but you have a larger screen which makes reading much better. My thought would be that the Kindle Fire is the better choice since the Nook Tablet costs $50 more and requires the purchase of an memory card to be useful.

    I didn’t know that Hackmaster was reminiscent of the older editions of D&D. That’s makes it a bit more interesting as I wouldn’t mind a return to that style of gaming.

    I also wasn’t aware that you guys were eager for questions, else I might have badgered you guys about some things. I may have been gaming for some 15 years now, but about 90% of that is some version of D&D the rest is a bit of Shadowrun. As it happens at this point I’m somewhat tired of D&D (not blaming 4E per se, but 15 years of the same game is plenty of time to burn out on it), so I’m looking at other games. Where you guys might come in is that you seem to have tried many different game rules.

    I’d be curious to hear what each of you would list as your favorite games. In addition I’d like to hear your thoughts on universal rules like GURPS or Savage Worlds over unique and specialized rules for different settings. From the podcast you guys have played fantasy, futuristic, space, and cowboy games; were those games made better by having unique rule sets, or would it have made the gaming experience easier if you used the same mechanics and just swapped settings without the troubles of learning new rules?

    You’ve mentioned a few different campaigns that you’ve run, is that how you always play games or will you occasionally do smaller adventures that only last a couple of sessions? Besides when checking out books you were given for free. I get the impression that Call of Cthulhu works best in the short adventure setting due to its lethality. Perhaps its just the rules that would nudge it away from being something you do campaigns in.

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