Fiction: Black Gus – by Brent Phillips

The Vile Black Gus

The Vile Black Gus

Gamerstable is proud to present the first entry of our fiction project, where we asked listeners to take characters of our roleplay dramas and write some short stories about them.

Black Gus – by Brent Phillips

An intimate look at the leader of the desperadoes that tried to kill Ivy Nightshade and her band of hapless heroes .

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3 Responses to Fiction: Black Gus – by Brent Phillips

  1. this_is_Dan says:

    Thank you very much for your submission i really enjoyed it…
    Im glad Ivy (shannon) didn’t kill him!

  2. MikeB says:

    Well done sir! You have ensured Black Gus has a permanent place in our campaign history. This character also will long be remembered by our newest player Shannon as her first notable NPC adversary.

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