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Final Frontier – Ep282


Space based RPGs have been around about as long as there have been RPGs, but as fantasy has taken over the hobby is there still room for this genre?


Cast – Jayson, Eric and Mike



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  1. Scott
    Scott September 6, 2016

    Avery Brooks played the character Hawk on Spencer for Hire.
    The new Mod Star Trek is indeed the 2d20 system that in Mutant Chronicles, Conan and John Carter.
    2300AD really wasn’t that difficult of a game once you got it read, it does look rather daunting starting out, but is actually pretty easy once you are used to it. It doesn’t require the amount of math skills of say something like HERO, by any means.
    Good ep.

  2. Saucy
    Saucy September 13, 2016

    Sticking with space, but going beyond sci-fi, there’s Spelljammer and Space: 1889. Both could lend themselves to the exploration and space battle themes, Space: 1889 is more or less implicitly concerned with the theme of imperialism.

    In the pulp space sphere, Pinnacle, the fine folks behind Savage Worlds, acquired rights to Flash Gordon sometime last year.

    To Jayson- you might enjoy Rebel Galaxy more than No Man’s Sky. RG has a more distinct plot in its sandbox, and a soundtrack that puts one in mind of Firefly.

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