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Frenemies & Favoritism – Ep271


Gaming with people you love to hate, or others hate that you love.



Cast – Brandi, Mike, Brandon, Eric and Jayson



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  1. Aaron
    Aaron June 22, 2016

    You might have a frenemy if your conversation sounds like this…

    Wizard 1 “Hey want to build a demiplane with me?”
    Wizard 2 “Sure, let’s make it a water plane and stock it with sahuagin who will worship us.”
    Wizard 1 “Awesome! We can use the sahuagin to invade Oerth and disrupt trade over the oceans thereby making our ships the only ones which can do business.”
    Wizard 2 “We could even fight the sahuagin menace and increase our prestige. Let’s do this!”

    Two months later…

    Bard 1 ” Hey guys, this portal used to go to your demiplane but I just tried to use it and it kept dropping me inside Mordenkainen’s privy. What gives?”
    Wizard 2 “Oh I sacrificed half the demiplane and its inhabitants to become a lich and then betrayed her to the ruling genie council for personal power.”
    Wizard 1 “Yeah and I blew up the other half of the demiplane and all its inhabitants with an epic contingency spell keyed to him betraying me. Because I knew he would. I also disintegrated him but couldn’t find his phalactery.”
    Bard 1″ Wow. So it sounds like you guys hate each other.”
    Wizard 1 ” Naw we are over it. He got me trapped in an elemental prison and I blew him up. Fair is fair.
    Wizard 2 ” We understand each other.”
    Wizard 1 ” Besides that priestess chick we hang out with really has a stick up her butt about all the innocent people we killed, and how he’s undead and how I got impregnanted by a demon prince.”
    Wizard 2 ” Wait till she finds out where I hide the phalactery.”
    Wizard 1 ” Speaking of, where did you hide that?”
    Wizard 2 “I’ll tell you, but first let’s talk about that baby of yours…”

  2. JAYSON from Gamerstable
    JAYSON from Gamerstable June 22, 2016

    Fighter 2: Thanks for making this awesome OP sword. That gem on the pommel is suuuuhweet.

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