Friends of Gamerstable


Friends of Gamerstable

Carpe GM Gamecast

Exploring social event gaming with an eye toward enhancing the hobby, while supporting the gaming community and promoting the industry

Also based out of southern Illinois, these guys are kindred spirits and funny as hell.




Friends of GamerstableGreyhawkery

News, nostalgia and nonsense concerning all things Dungeons & Dragons
especially the World of Greyhawk Setting.

A blog by Gamerstable’s Mike



Metagamers AnonymousFriends of Gamerstable

A podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material

Based from Wichita Kansas, this show is very thought provoking and fun.





Friends of GamerstableUseless Drivel

A podcast without a point.

A roundtable of very engaging conversation focusing on subculture topics such as gaming, comics, anime and pop culture.



Friends of GamerstableMiskatonic University Podcast

Dedicated to the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game with  information on the rule mechanics, role play within the system, topics that will include the many historical eras, other Lovecraft related media, and even historical information that can be integrated into a game to give greater immersion.


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