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Gen Con 2011 Special – Ep17

If you’ve never been, and you’re a gamer, you need to.

This year some of us went to Indianapolis for Gen Con, and we recorded from there on the third day of the convention.  We do not have our usual band of miscreants, as some were not able to make it, but we still were able to give you our impression of the con (in true Gamerstable style).


Gen Con 2011 Special – Ep17


Cast: Eric, Mark & Deuce
Running Time – 31:23


00:00     Intro

00:27     Topic: Gen Con 2011

Items Discussed: Gen Con, Indianapolis, Hyatt Indy

02:20     TANGENT: Mark’s New T-Shirt

Item Discussed: Gamerstable T-Shirts

02:40     Back on Topic

03:25     TANGENT: Deuce’s Money Saving Tip

Item Discussed: Noodles & Company

04:15     Back on Topic

Items Discussed: Pizza di Tito, Fantasy Flight Games, Victoriana, Paizo Publishing, White Wolf Publishing, Call of Cthulhu, Earth Dawn, Shadowrun, Crazy Egor, Gear Kreig, Babylon 5 RPG, Heroes of Rokugan, Legend of the Five Rings

19:44     TANGENT: Diesel Punk?

20:27     TANGENT: Shoutout to Mike

20:43     Back on Topic

Item Discussed: Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings

23:46     TANGENT: Mark Almost Explodes

24:19     Back on Topic

24:08     TANGENT: JW Marriott

25:52     Back on Topic

Item Discussed: Magic the Gathering, Age of Conan, Catalyst Game Labs, Wyrd Miniatures, Cryptozoic, Steve Jackson Games, Redakai, World of Warcraft TCG

29:40     TANGENT: Video Games

Items Discussed: Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham Asylum

30:06     TANGENT: Future Con Episode

Item Discussed: Archon

30:55     Outro


Editor Note: The voices heard in the background are Eric’s wife Jennifer and daughter Katarina, who forgot that they were not in the cast and were compelled to add their comments (for those who know either or both… that does not come as much of a shock).


  1. DanH
    DanH August 12, 2011

    It’s like i was there, without the cost! Next year we will be in full force!

  2. Deuce
    Deuce August 15, 2011

    Just to clarify the rules for parking in Downtown Indy:

    If you park at a Fancy Meter(TM), ya know, the ones with the credit card swipes, then they are only free after 9pm Mon-Saturday. Those are generally in the most used parking spots and are slowing spreading like a virus downtown. You can only get the spot for 2 hours but its only 2 bucks. If you need to just drop by to grab your badge, then this is definitely for you.

    If you park at the old traditional style meters, parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. Also, parking is free after 6 pm. This is huge for that first day you are in the city. Come in on a Thursday afternoon and grab your free metered parking for the first day. In the mean time you will save yourself like 40 bucks. Grats! Have a fine dinner on my sage advice.

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