A collection of terms that we periodically use on the show. Many people may not know the meaning of them in the context used. Some were borrowed from other sources and others have developed at the game table over the last 25+ years together.


Bird Nuts – A roll of a two using two six-sided dice. The dice must use traditional pips representing the number, thus only one pip on each dice is facing up. This is an Old West term. The one we don’t use and should is Rabbit Turds (two 3s).


Brian – Our friend Brian Kuebrich who gamed with us for many years. He tragically left us in 2004. It is to him that we dedicate every episode.


Brian (Shop Owner) – Brian Hillier is the owner of Twilight Comics in Shiloh Illinois. Mark has known him the longest but Eric, Mike and Jayson have become some of Brian’s regulars. When we refer to “Brian” in the context of our Monday game it is he that we are talking about.


Bullshittery – To be rife with bullshit. It is usually prefaced with something we think is lame. Example: “Don’t subject me to your card game bullshittery.” This term is borrowed from the Urban Dictionary.


Cake Walk – A term used first in the context of a Shadowrun mission, meant to label it as very easy.  We use it in the reverse, due to missions initially being billed as easy that wind up being more complex and/or deadly (see TPK).


Chris Pronger Rule – in Third Edition (or 3.5 Edition) Dungeons & Dragons the standard character points allotted for character generation is 25. We have used 44 points for character generation in the past, thus making very high-powered characters. When Chris Pronger (Canadian born professional hockey player) played for the St. Louis Blues National Hockey League team, he wore the number 44 on his jersey.


Deuce – Eric’s brother-in-law is also named Eric. The guys decided that they would not call him Eric also, someone suggested Eric2… which Mark changed to Deuce.


Golden Age – When Eric, Mike and Jayson first started gaming together (in the mid-1980’s) they played 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This was the time where they developed their love of roleplaying games. A time when all the games were new and exciting and they had tons of time to play them. This is a term borrowed from the comic book industry.


Microbrew – Our alternative label for “homebrew” when referring to game campaigns not set in an established game setting, but one made up by the GM or members of the gaming group. Our stance is that homebrew gives the negative connotation of being bad quality. This is not always the case.


Monday Game – One of our two weekly gaming nights. It has been held every Monday (with very few missed weeks) at Twilight Comics since November, 2000. We have played many different games and prefer longer campaigns to “one-nighters” (though we have done that too).


Openly Gamer – Meaning that one is unafraid to admit to anyone that they play roleplaying games.



TPK – Acronym for “Total Party Kill”. An occurrence where all the player characters in the group are killed in the same combat. Usually the result of biting off more than the characters can chew, poor planning on the players part, or even collective bad luck. This is a term borrowed from MMO (online role-playing games).


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