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Hackmaster Basic: Character Generation & Review – Ep 24

Jayson Called Dibs.

This episode is a bit different than our usual ravings, in that we come about as close to “actual play” as I think we ever will. We were given copies of Hackmaster Basic and the Hacklopedia of Beasts by Kenzer & Company and were asked to review them on the show, which we present to you now.


We decided to record our session of character generation, play the game (off mic) the following week, and then record our reaction to the game itself the next week.


This episode is longer than most of our previous ones.


Hackmaster Basic: Character Generation & Review – Ep 24


Cast (part1 – Character Gen): Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark & Shawn

Cast (part2 – Review): Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson & Shawn

Running Time – 55:21


00:00     Intro

00:28     Topic: Hackmaster Basic – General Introduction

Character Generation Segment

01:16     Race and Class Choices & Stat Introduction

04:15     Strength Rolls

05:55     Intelligence Rolls

07:24     Wisdom Rolls

09:06     Dexterity Rolls

10:05     Constitution Rolls

11:44     Looks Rolls

13:00     Charisma Rolls

15:11     The Shopkeeper Rule

16:07     Mike Starts Over & Shawn’s Swapped Stats

17:13     Quirks & Flaws

Review Segment

27:08     Initiative

28:54     Character Generation

31:20     Layout of the Book

32:37     Was it a Fair Shake?

33:04     Speed Factor

34:03     The Magic System

34:54     Exploding Damage

35:45     Skill System

38:23     Back to Character Generation

38:40     Is Hackmaster and Greyhawk a Good Fit?

39:07     Aesthetics

39:59     Quirks & Flaws

41:13     Armor & Shields

43:14     Around Gamerstable

47:41     TANGENT: Time Life Books

Item Mentioned: Time Life Books

48:03     Back Around Gamerstable

49:55     Do We Endorse Hackmaster?

54:54     Outro




Editor’s Note: We would like to thank Greg for joining us in our game (in between recordings). He played the third dwarven fighter in the group… like we needed more of those.

One Comment

  1. Q-man
    Q-man September 28, 2011

    I liked this episode, the offhand and candid way you guys discuss any topic makes reviews interesting and useful. Rather than building up to some arbitrary numeric score you list off points that are good and bad. Which in the end turns out to be far more useful when evaluating a new system to try.

    A few suggestions might be linking to the game specifically, not just the company’s page in these posts. Also it might be nice to have a general explanation of the mechanics; like d20/d6 based, skills linked to stats, general setting the game uses, things like that. I think that you guys hinted at or answered these questions during the discussions, but you have to piece it together.

    I’m curious though, aside from Kenzer and Co giving you the books, what brought you to trying this system? And not just tryign it, but considering porting Greyhawk to it as well, which sounds like a pretty big commitment.

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