Handouts, Props & Gimmicks – Ep273

Handouts, Props & Gimmicks – Ep273


Adding a tangible element can have an immediate and lasting effect on your game.


Cast – Dan, Eric and Mike


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5 thoughts on “Handouts, Props & Gimmicks – Ep273

  1. I have a Chromed ring gear from a car transmission, that I used as a prop for a Campaign I ran. It represented a gear taken from the Locus room at the heart of the plane of Mechanus.

  2. Dan, don’t hesitate to eliminate infravision and darkvision immediately…do it..do it now! Something as simple as darkness can add so much to mood, player tactics, and danger. All this darkvision thief sneaking ahead of the rest of the party business has got to stop. Heck, I eliminated demi-human player classes entirely, and have never looked back.

    1. Well said Marz. There’s always one demihuman in a bunch. That’s why I tend to only do humans when I run Ravenloft.

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