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Imbalance – Ep277

The greatest adventuring party was NOT balanced.
The greatest adventuring party was NOT balanced.

Does the game need to be balanced?


Cast – Dan, Eric, Brandi and Mike


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  1. Scott
    Scott August 2, 2016

    Another good ep

    Personally, I feel game balance is an illusion. One that I blame D&D for. In D&D for the most part 1st level PCs are the same. However, in the fluff under the age of the various races you have things like “Humans don’t start adventuring until age 18, Dwarves until 50 and Elves until a 100+. So, going on this a 1st level Dwarf is going to have almost 3 times and Elves almost 5 times the training as a 1st level human when they start their adventuring career. Yet, they are all mechanically the same at the start.

    Game balance makes no sense at all.

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