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Indie Games – Ep56

Pfft... Star Wars? Too mainstream. I prefer Aegis.

What is the first reaction you get from most gamers when the term indie game is mentioned, or worse indie gamers? The terms used are usually somewhere between elitist dicks and hipster douche bags.

Problem is, that is not always the case. It could just be a case of a community bringing down the thing that they love. Some independent games are quite good and with online publishing making it easy to cheaply produce material, the future is bright for those who shirk the mainstream yoke.


We take a look at some of the independent games that have been produced that intrigue us the most.


Indie Games – Ep56


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Running Time – 32:37


00:00     Intro: Mike

00:32     TANGENT: Swarmy

01:28     On to the Topic

Items Mentioned: Wizards of the Coast, Drive Thru RPG, RPG Now, Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds

06:19     TANGENT: Superlink

Item Mentioned: Green Ronin

06:44     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: The Forge, RPG Geek

07:43     TANGENT: The Pajama People Tastemakers

Items Mentioned: Rotten Tomatoes, The Mhurs, Pitchfork

09:54     TANGENT: The Beavis and Butthead Effect

Items Mentioned: Beavis and Butthead, Casey Kasem

10:38     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: The Indie RPG Awards, Apocalypse World, Kagematsu

13:32     SIDETANGENT: Indie Games of the Year 2012 Candidates

13:46    The Agency

Items Mentioned: The Agency, James Bond, Avengers

14:14    Outremer

Item Mentioned: Outremer

14:49     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Dresden Files, Fate System, FUDGE, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, D&D Next

19:13     SIDETANGET RETURNS: Early Dark

Item Mentioned: Early Dark

20:20    Alpha Omega

Items Mentioned: Alpha Omega, Gen Con

21:09    Tools of Ignorance

Items Mentioned: Tools of Ignorance, Blood Bowl, Baseball Stars

24:17    Aegis Project

Item Mentioned: Aegis Project, Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea

24:51     Back to Topic

Item Mentioned: GURPS, Sword Noir, Retrocalypse, Atomic Highway, Car Wars, Cubicle 7

26:46     TANGENT: Fiasco

Items Mentioned: Fiasco, The Hangover, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

28:22     TANGENT: WuShu

Items Mentioned: WuShu, Singham

29:51     Back to Topic

30:10     TANGENT: Back to Fiasco

Item Mentioned: Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG

30:42     Back to Topic

31:51     Outro: Mike




  1. clash bowley
    clash bowley May 10, 2012

    I’d like to send you guys comp copies of my games Outremer and The Tools of Ignorance. Send me an email with someone’s address, and I’ll send them there. If I can help entice a new player into the fold with a gateway drug, I consider it my duty!



  2. this_is_Dan
    this_is_Dan May 11, 2012

    We’ll if you could get our friend Dave to game you will have succeeded where many have failed. Hope you enjoyed the show.

  3. wally the whale
    wally the whale May 14, 2012

    Oof, it sucks to come here on a friend’s recommendation to check out your podcast and get called a douchebag in the first paragraph.

    I know a lot of gamers, and most of them haven’t said any of those things about indie games and indie gamers. You guys are the first.

    • Eric
      Eric May 14, 2012

      The wording of the teaser was intentionally harsh, but meant to be more tongue-in-cheek than serious. The intention was to get people who normally wouldn’t even look at an indie game to take notice, listen to the episode and get exposed to some really cool independently produced games.

      I find it unfortunate that you were offended, but hopefully after listening you were able to see through the teaser and understand the true intent of the episode.

      We value the opinions of those who listen to us, so please do not think that your objection falls on deaf ears. Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns in the future.

      If it is any consolation, we record and broadcast ourselves talking about the minutiae of role playing games. I think that makes us bigger douchebags than any “indie gamer” out there.

    • Jayson
      Jayson May 15, 2012

      wally, I hope you give us another chance, and I’d think you would if you listened to the whole episode. I’m sure we’ll offend people along the way, but we bag on each other as much as anyone else.

      I didn’t get to participate in this episode, but I’m eager to try some of these indie games. Speaking of which, do you have any that you’d recommend?

  4. 3rik
    3rik May 18, 2012

    The excellent OpenQuest took part in the Indie RPG Awards, but, like Atomic Highway, being of a more traditional style than most other contestants, did not win. I do get the impression that the Indie RPG Awards are biased towards non-traditional games rather than ones that are merely independently published.
    On the other hand, last year Stars Without Number was voted Best Free Game, so the balance may be shifting somewhat.

    I personally enjoy Precis Intermedia’s Two-Fisted Tales and genreDiversion line, both strictly traditional. Not sure if you’d rank those as indie, though.

    I own two games that use rules based on Fudge, Grey Ghost Games’ Terra Incognita and Carnivore Games’ The Unexplained, and there’s really nothing “out there” about them: attributes, skills and task resolution like any other traditional RPG out there, except that skill levels and target numbers are expressed in words rather than numbers.

    Beyond Belief Games’ Barbarians of Lemuria also deserves a mention here. Just about the only fantasy game I’ll ever run anymore.

  5. Patrick
    Patrick August 17, 2012

    I have NEVER been interested in continuously listening to a podcast until now! You guys have an awesome thing going here.

    I ran across this because a friend and I were jokingly googling “RPGnet full of elitist douchebags.” Not that that’s my total belief on the subject, but that community seems to confirm it enough to check around the web to see if others were talking about it. You guys gave me some good insights about the indie game world though, things I would’ve never even thought about.

    (Totally predictable move incoming) Can I invite you guys to check out Book of the Fallen? It’s being produced right now by myself and a team of friends. It’s at Personally, I think (as humbly as possible) that it’s really fun, quite easy to get into. In terms of production value… Well… It’s lacking right now, but we are still in pretty early development with it. Poke around at that website, it’s a development blog!

    I know there have been plenty of reason for us to tear up Book of the Fallen and quit the project since we’ve been barraged by… Your game won’t go anywhere, it’s a fantasy heartbreaker, there’s nothing unique about it, your system is too complicated, etc… But you know what? We’re not trying to impress anyone really. We started producing this game because we thought we could make a more awesome game than what we had available to us, indie games included. If you asked any of us, myself included, we’d say that we did… We can’t even be bothered to play another game anymore.

    I guess my point is, it seems to me, if you are developing an indie game, you have to pick and choose what comes at it from the indie world. You guys kept referencing indie music, and its the same way – there are a lot of indie music people that are elitist jerks, but there are some that are interesting, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Anyway, fantastic show, I’m subscribing! Let me know what you think about Book of the Fallen – we love feedback <3 My email address is on this comment, should you want a playtest packet or anything!

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