Jayson’s Balls – Ep266

Jayson’s Balls – Ep266


Uh, no we don’t talk for 35+ minutes on those twin terrors. Actually what we’re talking about is Game Killers. Circumstances that can ruin your game night, campaign or even your group.


Cast – Bruce [Dan], Eric, Jayson, Brandon, Mike and Archibald [Shannon]


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7 thoughts on “Jayson’s Balls – Ep266

  1. Will you talk about Titansgrave the thoughts of the rest of your group on the first season and what you hope might arise if they get as far as releasing a second season on that setting?

    Any chance you might discuss either Rogue One or your thoughts on the new series of Star Wars movies especially on what you’d like to see?

  2. Entertaining ep…but, I have to ask how do you guys manage to get through a game session. Some times it seems your motto should be “Tangents are us.” 😉

  3. As a “game breaker” I have to say that The Force Awakens has beaten any inclination to run/play a Star Wars game out of me. I hope that Rogue One reignites my love of the franchise, because the current trilogy has pretty much killed it for me.

  4. Star Wars is a strange RPG to deal with. In my mind the perfect SW game avoids movie canon, but then what we end up with is playing Firefly. 🙂

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