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Miniature Wargaming – Ep18


Eldar and Warhammer 40k are properties of Games Workshop

This week we discuss our love/hate relationship with table-top miniature wargames. We (as a group and individually) have been playing wargames for 20+ years and have dropped lots of cash into it. Nevertheless, even though we seldom get to play them (some more than others) we still love to do it, and will continue to hemorrhage money into the hobby.


Miniature Wargaming – Ep18


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark & Aaron
Running Time – 34:40


00:00     Intro

00:30     TANGENT: Who is Aaron?

00:58     Topic: Table-top Miniature Wargaming

Items Discussed: Games Workshop, Mantic Games, Forge World, Avatars of War, Gen Con, War Gods, War Machine, Hordes

06:06     TANGENT: Games Workshop Business Model

09:11     TANGENT: Games Workshop Fan Base

11:09     Back on Topic

Items Discussed: K & J Magnets, Flames of War, Mage Knight, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Blood Bowl, Wyrd Miniatures, Infinity Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, Warlord

33:33     TANGENT: Fan-Made Rules = okay. Fanfic…

34:13     Outro




Editor’s Note:

During the show, Eric references “Wild Miniatures” which should have been “Wyrd Miniatures” and “K & G Magnets” should have been “K & J Magnets”, the errors were corrected in the show notes and the links to them have been provided.


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