Mining: Stranger Things – Ep284

Mining: Stranger Things – Ep284


Stranger Things is one of those phenomenon that catch our imagination and invite inspiration. We decided to give this great series a look and see what kind of game it would inspire.


Cast – Brandi, Eric, Jayson, Mike, Brandon and Dan


If you have some input on this, leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Mining: Stranger Things – Ep284

  1. I’m starting an old World of Darkness Changeling/Werewolf chronicle in January, where the PCs will be held in a government facility and coming into their powers through interactions with the Upside Down (Dreaming/Umbra). The players will have to navigate through all kinds of pop culture inspired dream scenarios to escape the facility.. Then evade capture on the outside.

  2. From the very minute amount I have seen, it certainly had a Call of Cthulhu feel to it in a lot of places…The Upside Down particularly. I hope it comes out on DVD as I don’t have Netflix and would like to see it in it’s entirety.

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