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Names – Ep60

... and I shall name him... RICK!!

Like the perfect ascot (or other necessary accessory) brings an outfit together, the name you give a character can complete them in a way that the total package is memorable for years to come. The reverse of that, the wrong name can ruin even the most brilliantly planned and rounded character.


We discuss some the naming conventions that we have used in the past and some that we plan to use in the future.


Names – Ep60


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 33:33


00:00     Intro: Jayson

00:31     On to the Topic

00:42     TANGENT: NameCon

01:13     TANGENT: Silkscreen Dreams

Items Mentioned: MacGyver, MacGruber

01:25     Really on to the Topic

Items Mentioned: Big Bang Theory, City of Heroes, Team Fortress Classic, Star Wars

06:41     TANGENT: The Legend of Misery Machine

Item Mentioned: City of Villains

07:40     Back to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons

09:27     TANGENT: Mark’s Ridiculousness and Zack Morris

Items Mentioned: Dead Man on Campus, Days of Thunder

10:58     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Garbage Pail Kids, Warhammer Inquisitor, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Le Femme Nikita, Point of No Return, Leverage, Beverly Hills Cop

28:56     TANGENT: Moist

30:01     Back to the Topic

Items Mentioned: Conan, Fallout, The Usual Suspects

32:49     Outro: Jayson




  1. Skunkape
    Skunkape June 7, 2012

    The Halfling naming convention you guys mention is a great idea. I’m going to have to use it!

    • MikeB
      MikeB June 8, 2012

      I can’t get enough of that system. I wish I played more halflings. 😛

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