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nOOb Gamer Outreach Program – Ep67

nOOb Gamer, huh? It’s only a matter of time before your basement looks like this.

A listener asked us to give some insight on getting into the hobby of tabletop role playing games. Being so far removed from this, we are probably not the best people to ask advice from, but he did so we do what we do best… talk.


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Jeff Casavant, I hope we answer your question and thank you so much for the topic idea.


nOOb Gamer Outreach Program – Ep67


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Intro: Mark

Outro: Mike


Running Time – 29:32




Links to Items Mentioned:

Star Wars 

Lord of the Rings 

Dungeons & Dragons

Cubicle 7

Games Workshop


Mutants and Masterminds



Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG  


Dark Heresy

Steve Kenson 

7th Sea

Atomic Highway 

True 20

Fate System

Hero Quest  

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Dresden Files RPG


Editor’s Note:

As almost none of you noticed, the format of the line notes has changed. Since only Karen from Monkey in the Cage noticed the Easter Egg placed in last week’s episode notes (thank you Karen, you made my week), it was determined that energy used for detailed line notes would be best placed elsewhere. –Eric


    • Jayson
      Jayson July 25, 2012

      Sorry to disappoint you shorty, but that’s a stock photo. Shawn’s newest basement is damp, musty, cobwebbed mess of a cellar. It’s not nearly as cool as that pic. It’s more like someplace a serial killer would use to make a dress… I guess that is *kinda* cool.

  1. Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan July 24, 2012

    My basement is *not* like that. I completely do not have a disco-ball…. but I want one.

  2. IronHelixx
    IronHelixx July 24, 2012

    Someone could definitely learn RPGs on their own – I did at 10 years old – cold start – no help – and was running games (although that was the original “Red Box” in 1983 – and not running them perfectly, but people had fun.) I have given people copies of the Pathfinder Beginers box and they have learned with minimal questions. Also, I think someone could pick up the Dragon Age RPG and run with it without ever having played a TRPG and without help – it walks you through the process pretty well and has the CRPG tie-in. Great show – BTW.

  3. IronHelixx
    IronHelixx July 24, 2012

    PS – Dragon Age is also an “All d6” game and is only $20-$25, depending on where you buy it.

    • Eric
      Eric July 24, 2012

      Thanks IH! Though it may not have come through on this episode, we think that the “red box” is the way to go for new gamers.

      As for Dragon Age, I am honestly surprised that Mark doesn’t have that (being our resident Bioware junkie).

      • IronHelixx
        IronHelixx July 24, 2012

        I agree on the original “Red Box” for sure – I was not as impressed with the new one for 4e Essentials. WoTC/Hasbro should release the old “Red Box” again like they have done with the 1e Core Books. I still have my old boxed sets, but I would buy a new copy if they re-released it.

  4. Jayson
    Jayson July 25, 2012

    I remember buying the original red box at Walden Books not too long after we started playing at school. That was a lot of fun.

  5. Community
    Community July 26, 2012

    I have to take issue with whoever made the comment in regard to Abid’s game as played on the Community program. The commenter said they were playing it “wrong.” No one else said anything on this, so I am calling him out -to defend that statement.

    Point One:
    I had not played D+D since college days in the early 90s (I’m mainly a historical minis gamer.) My GF saw that episode and called me up, knowing that I had played, and still had a collection of old books. She said it looked like fun and wanted to give it a try. Fast forward to tonight: Now fully invested, I took her to a local game shop and spent 54.00 on paints, and 5 minis to add to her now grand collection of 9 figurines. We also got her first set of dice. She’s done using the communal dice I and others bring. Between Community, and a 2 minute segment on Big Bang Theory, that was enough to pique her D+D curiosity. Her excitement and discovery of AD&D renewed mine, which has been dormant for 20 years.

    So, I beg to differ, as I would recommend it to non gamers to get an idea of what the game is like. People know it’s a comedy, and Community is over the top in many of its plots, so it won’t come as a surprise if the games they try are a bit different. Without this show I don’t think I would be doing D+D at all right now, and my GF definitely wouldn’t.

    Point Two:
    Abid was the DM. It looked like they were playing 2nd edition AD&D, and you guys have played long enough to know that the farther back you go the more “guidelines” like they were, unlike the rules monsters 3e & 4e became. The “rules as Written” state to throw out what rules you don’t like, or fit your game as, in the end, it’s yours to run. Not TSR’s. Not some random commentator. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves, as Neil and even Pierce wanted to play again. Abid tailored the game for new players, it was very exciting and fun, and it was a success. His game, his way.

    AD&D Game on Community: Not wrong and completely awesome. And incidentally, possibly the most important game of Dungeons and Dragon …ever.

    But -perhaps not to your personal taste.

    Great shows. Keep them coming.

    David S.
    Minnesota, USA

    Community – Dungeons and Dragon Opening

    • Eric
      Eric July 26, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Dave!

      You are right, of course. The Community episode probably did more good than harm to the hobby.

      Old grognards like us (me) sometimes get entrenched in our ways and can’t stand to see things that we are passionate about portrayed differently than what we are used to. When it comes to television, it is the same premise with me and medical shows. I tend to pick out inconsistencies rather than enjoy the drama. I think that this was the case here also.

      After that episode aired we even played “Abed style” for a while. So your statement about Abed’s rule changes and playing to the players and not to the rulebook is 100% correct and I was negligent to cast off the style as wrong.

      Glad to hear your story about getting back into D&D. It really is a great game and I am stoked to hear that your friend was interested enough to try it.

      • Jayson
        Jayson July 26, 2012

        I have to agree with Eric here, as far as picking out inconsistencies, where crime dramas (CSI, Law and Order, etc) are concerned I find myself getting annoyed at aspects of how police procedures or the like are portrayed. I found myself doing that with the Community episode (which I still adored btw… I LOVE that show). The particulars don’t stand out, but I do remember Abed rolling the D20 for a lot of things you wouldn’t normally have your DM rolling for – but that may just be preference. I know I’d hate it if I never got to roll the dice, and that seemed to be all Abed was doing – all of the rolling, for everyone. I agree with you that it might be the most important D&D game ever played, at least since Elliot played D&D with his brother and his friends in ET (that was kind of a big one for me).

      • MikeB
        MikeB July 26, 2012

        Abed style. Man that was fun. For a day or so, then it got to be too much work for me. Ugh.

  6. Ras
    Ras August 21, 2012

    One of you mentioned D6 star wars and I agree that if you can get your hands on it, it is a great way to go. Especially the “WEG Star Wars 2nd Ed Revised and Expanded” it has a chapter called “Cantina Breakout” that takes the reader through all the dice rolls needed to run combat and other skill checks. It has premade characters and the adventure script “The Pirates of Prexiar”. Perfect for new gamers.

    I know there was talk about releasing D6 as an open gaming license but don’t know if it ever happened. Would be great though if all the old D6 material was made available on .pdf.

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