NPCs – Ep34

NPCs – Ep34

Every Epic Tale Needs a Strong Supporting Cast

The Non-Player Character, next a good plot, probably the most important aspect of a game. With strong NPCs a good game can become a great game.


This episode we  talk about memorable NPCs and what made them memorable. We also touch on the process of making an NPC memorable.


NPCs  – Ep34


Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Jayson and Shawn (oh yeah and Dan makes his late appearance… prima donna)


Running Time – 37:33


00:00     Intro

00:21     Topic: NPCs

00:50     TANGENT: Entourage

Item Mentioned: Entourage

01:44     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: The Usual Suspects, Dungeons & Dragons

04:00     TANGENT: The Never Played Star Trek Game

Item Mentioned: Star Trek RPG

05:26     Back on Topic

Item Mentioned: Shadowrun

07:22     TANGENT: Dan Returns

07:29    Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Victoriana, Werewolf

13:57     TANGENT: Advancing from the Roots of RPG

15:25     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dead Gentlemen Productions, Dragon Age, Resident Evil

36:51     Outro



One thought on “NPCs – Ep34

  1. I just caught this episode, it was a really enjoyed it. I have to agree with the GM PC, it always seems it takes a bit away from the players when the GM puts in a character that is more than a standard NPC.

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