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Themed Campaigns and Characters – Ep41

I know what Dan's next themed character is going to be...

If you have been gaming for a while, the concept of themed campaigns should not be a new one. Setting parameters for character creation and a focused direction for a campaign can be very rewarding.


In this episode we discuss the themes we have used and plan on using in the future.


Themed Campaigns and Characters – Ep41


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Running Time – 33:13


00:00     Intro

00:30     Topic: Themed Campaigns and Characters

Items Mentioned: Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Al Qadim, Hackmaster, Rolemaster, Mutants and Masterminds, True 20, Batman

06:38     TANGENT: The Legend of Butcher Boy

Item Mentioned: Hero System

09:50     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Gen Con, Shadowrun, World of Greyhawk, Call of Cthulhu

20:58     TANGENT: The Origin of the Sea Princes Campaign

21:40     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Conan, Legend of the Five Rings, The Last Samurai, Ken Watanabe, Heroes of Rokugan, Legend of the Burning Sands, Victoriana

27:07     TANGENT: Meeting at a Bar

Item Mentioned: Star Wars

28:00     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Singham, Dr. Who, Ravenloft, Krull, Carl’s Jr.

32:31     Outro




New Edition – Ep40

... nope, sorry. Not that New Edition.

Here we go again.

Wizards of the Coast has announced that a 5th edition of D&D is upcoming. Many of us saw the writing on the wall. To some it is a let-down, and others it is about time.


In this episode we tell you where we stand, along with our hopes and expectations.


New Edition – Ep40


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 34:58


00:00     Intro

00:30     Topic: The Next D&D

Items Mentioned: Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, Open Game License, Forbes Article, New York Times Article, World of Warcraft, Pathfinder, EN World

08:18     TANGENT: Beta Testing

Item Mentioned: D&D Playtest

09:04     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: D&D Experience, GenCon, Paizo, DC Comics

21:21     TANGENT: Stop Making Crap

Items Mentioned: Steve Jobs, Nike

23:54     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Risk, Monopoly

32:32     TANGENT: Dan… the Edition Kiss of Death

Items Mentioned: Mutants and Masterminds, Hero System, Aces & Eights, Hackmaster

34:15     Outro




Victoriana Review – Ep39

Steampunk Shadowrun... I'm Sold!

Victoriana is a Victorian era RPG produced by Cubicle 7. Our first experience with the game was at GenCon 2010 and then again at GenCon 2011. Based on that, we decided to have a quick taste of the game (we also recorded our sessions ).


In this episode we talk about that experience and our take on the newest game in our repertoire.


Victoriana Review – Ep39


Cast – Eric, Mark, Dan, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 34:13


00:00     Intro

00:30     Topic: Victoriana Review

Item Mentioned: Victoriana

00:56     TANGENT: Why we did it this way

Items Mentioned: Promethean the Created, Call of Cthulhu, Dark Sun

02:07     TANGENT: Actual Play Experience

Items Mentioned: Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games

05:32     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dr. Who RPG, Clockwork and Chivalry, Shadowrun

07:55     TANGENT: Our history of steampunk

Items Mentioned: The Difference Engine, Wild Wild West

09:08     Back on Topic

Item Mentioned: Team America World Police

20:10     TANGENT: Jayson’s Shadowrun wish

20:29     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Sherlock Holmes, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fanstasy Roleplay, Guy Ritchie, Gaming Paper, Chessex

32:04     TANGENT: D&D Maxim

Items Mentioned: Maxim Magazine, I Hit it With My Axe

33:18     Back on Topic

33:31     Outro