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Player vs. Player Intrigue – Ep23

Are there any better than the Nosferatu at manipulating intrigue?


This week we talk about a topic that has plagued roleplaying games for as long as there have been multiple players at the table, player versus player intrigue. Many of us can site examples where someone’s character’s motivations have derailed or ruined a game. Is it necessary or is it purely distraction?


Player vs. Player Intrigue – Ep23


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson, Mark & Shawn
Running Time – 26:26


00:00     Intro

00:29     Topic: Player vs. Player Intrigue

Item Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons

01:54     TANGENT: Eric’s Excuse for Screwing Things Up

02:31     Back on Topic

07:33     TANGENT: Lamest Jinx Ever

08:06     Back on Topic

09:29     TANGENT: Professionalism & Shadowrun

Item Mentioned: Shadowrun

11:06     Back on Topic

18:24     TANGENT: The Inattentive Gamer

18:55     Back on Topic

25:58     Outro




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Hack & Slash vs. Roleplay – Ep22

Sometimes you just wanna kick someone’s ass.

This week we continue a trend where we pit a philosophical aspect of gaming against another. Now we look at combat heavy games (or even just game sessions) and how they stack up against games that focus more on the roleplaying (storytelling).


Hack & Slash vs. Roleplay – Ep22


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson & Shawn
Running Time – 28:47


00:00     Intro

00:28     Topic: Combat vs. Roleplay

Items Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun

02:04     TANGENT: Jayson’s Social Rules Pop Quiz

02:30     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Vampire the Masquerade

02:48     TANGENT: A Lesson in Aggravated Damage

03:30     TANGENT: OMG A Jersey Shore Tangent

Item Mentioned: Jersey Shore

04:28     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Aces & Eights, Hackmaster

08:05     TANGENT: Jayson’s Aces & Eights Natural Broke Killer

08:55     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Mutants and Masterminds, The Boys, Lair Assault, Warhammer 40K, Paizo

12:12     TANGENT: Jayson’s Paizo Wish

12:50     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Gen Con, Call of Cthulhu

15:06     TANGENT: Eric Doesn’t Do Prison Games

Items Mentioned: Oz, Caged Heat

15:46     Back on Topic

16:35     TANGENT: Flirting with Mike

17:26     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dragon Mountain, Undermountain

24:22     TANGENT: Actual Play Podcasts – Easy Notes

25:21     Back on Topic

26:09     TANGENT: Fantasy Fantasy Roleplay

26:46     Back on Topic

Item Discussed: The Sword

28:20     Outro



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Shadowrun – Ep 21

When you think Shadowrun you think big trolls, big guns and someone yelling “Get Some!”

The best way for us to get all the guys together at one venue is to mention that we are going to play Shadowrun. (For those who don’t know) It is a game set in the near future that incorporates high technology with fantasy.


There are some that don’t like it, but we still love it and will always consider it one of our favorites.


Shadowrun – Ep 21


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson, Mark & Shawn

Running Time – 32:51


00:00     Intro

00:24     Topic: Shadowrun

Items Mentioned: Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons


-Our History of Shadowrun Editions-

01:52     1st Edition – High School / Germany

Item Mentioned: Larry Elmore

03:42     2nd Edition – Tales of Cleaner, Spikoli, Cowboy & Crow

04:56     3rd Edition – Monday Night at Twilight

Item Mentioned: Twilight Comics


05:33     Campaign Endings

Item Discussed: Steve Kenson

07:43     TANGENT: Mark’s Fluff

08:10     Back on Topic: Mark’s Beginnings with Shadowrun


-Analyzing the Game-

08:45     Edition Changes – Combat

Item Discussed: World of Darkness

10:58     Edition Changes – Rigger

12:35     Roots of Shadowrun

Items Discussed: William Gibson, Microsoft


-Around the Gamerstable-

13:00     Mike

19:58     Dan

22.39     Jayson

25:21     Mark

26:48     Shawn

27:44     Eric

Items Discussed: Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, Matirx (movie), Johnny Mnemonic (movie)


30:01     The Future Campaign

32:24     Outro



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