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Bonus Episode: The Thor Movie

I think I just heard Mike skew

Here’s a little bonus for you, our review of the Thor movie. We talk about what we like about it and how it ties into the Marvel Avengers project.


WARNING: There are spoilers mentioned. So if you have not seen the movie yet, it may be better to listen to this afterwards.


Gamerstable Thor


Running Time – 16:25


0:00 – 0:28           Intro

0:28 – 0:40           Topic – Marvel’s Thor Movie

0:40 – 1:47           TANGENT – Mike & Thor Comics

1:47 – 7:37           Back on Topic

7:37 – 12:01        TANGENT – Origin of the Cosmic Cube

12:01 – 12:41      TANGENT – Sea Shepherd

12:41 – 13:41      Back on Topic

13:41 – 15:07      TANGENT – Summer Movie Predictions

15:05 – 15:55      TANGENT – Future Movie Review Episodes?

15:55 – 16:25      Outro




Games Mentioned:

Mutants and Masterminds

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Sacred Cows, Lame Ideas & Bad Experiences – Ep4

Sacred Cows, Lame Ideas & Bad Experiences – Why some people will not play some games

Games Discussed: Star Wars (West End Games), Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition), Aces & Eights, Alpha Omega, Mutants and Masterminds.


Links to Check Out:


Kenzer & Co.



Editors Note: It may sound like that we recorded this while asea on a rickety pirate ship, but the creaking you hear is actually Mark’s rickety ass chair.

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Book Adventures vs. Homebrew – Ep3

What is better, pre-made book adventures or homemade ones?


Games Discussed:

Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Legend of the Five Rings (CCG and RPG), Magic the Gathering, Vampire (Mind’s Eye Theater).



Paizo Publishing

Wizards of the Coast

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