Patron of Gamerstable

Patron of Gamerstable

 Patreon JoinWhat does it mean to be a Patron of Gamerstable?

The Gamerstable RPG Podcast weekly content, as well as our Openly Gamer Theatre productions, will always be free to any who wish to listen.

That said, it is not free to produce. Websites, hosting, licensing and equipment costs all factor into it.

While we appreciate all of those who give their time to listen to us, our patrons have earned a higher tier of appreciation because patrons are those who contribute to help us offset that financial burden.

We use Patreon, a web-based crowdfunding platform, so those who wish to contribute can do so.

Patron Levels

Patronage is broken down into very easy monthly payment of $1, $5 or $10.

There are perks to joining the ranks of our patrons such as exclusive content, like our very popular blooper reels, raw episodes as well as unlimited access to us personally through private chat app and Facebook groups.

If you like what we do and want to support us continuing, please become a patron.


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