Pitfalls of Realism – Ep269

Pitfalls of Realism – Ep269


We hear it a lot. “That’s not realistic” or “I want more realism in my game”. Do you?


Cast – Brandi, Shannon, Dan, Eric and Brandon



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8 thoughts on “Pitfalls of Realism – Ep269

  1. Another entertaining ep. I have to say I really like the concept of the Bond Mage. I’ll have to remember that one.

    The 10th Mtn Div is out of Fort Drum, NY

    1. Thank you!

      In regards to your friend’s game, we sometimes get hung up with this notion of “realism” as GMs when players mow through an encounter or villains too easily and we look for ways to make combat more lethal. If the game is supposed to be gritty and your players are flippant about combat, maybe you are playing the wrong system.

  2. Reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine. He was running a fantasy game using the Unisystem. Then he went to Savage Worlds. He started looking for another system. I asked him why. He wanted a game with a realistic combat system. I reminded him the game had a flying cat with a sonic breath weapon, a time travelling orphan, a Slayer, and a were-bear. I told him the word ‘realism’ was never in his game! 😉 Good times!

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