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Playing Multiple Characters – Ep290


Is it really faux pas for players to play multiple characters? Traditionally it is frowned upon at our table. But why?


Cast – Brandon, Dan, Brandi, Eric, Jayson and Mike



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  1. David
    David November 1, 2016

    Crazy episode! Found a little more about Sean than I was looking for. .. I laughed when a couple of you mentioned that you’d like to play the staff of a bar. I’m currently putting together my rule set for the system I created. I am also writing a one shot game to be packaged with the rules entitled IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN XENADELPHIA. It may take me a while to complete but I’d be happy to set you up with a free copy. Thanks for all the hard work pouring together the pod cast.I listen every week.

  2. Scott
    Scott November 1, 2016

    Did I miss something? Are you really ending things at 300?

    • Eric
      Eric November 4, 2016

      Yes, we are.

      5.5 years has been a great run, and we had a blast, but it is time to move forward onto new projects.

  3. Mike P
    Mike P November 4, 2016

    What the hell!, are you ending at 300 and if so why?

    • Eric
      Eric November 4, 2016

      Sadly, yes. After a hard look at everything I realized that maintaining the show, as is, was not sustainable. I didn’t want to change format or record/release scheduling to keep it on life-support, as that is merely delaying the inevitable.

      I am super proud that we reached 300 episodes. It was a great run and I had a blast.

  4. Scott
    Scott November 8, 2016

    Will there be another actual play in the books before the end?

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable November 9, 2016


      We have a Justice League AP coming out next. After that, the crew will occasionally get together to record APs. They will be released on

  5. David
    David November 10, 2016

    So sad you guys are shutting it down at 300. It’s understandable though. I’m sure it has been a giant effort. Thank you so much for all the wonderful episodes. They have been a great source of fun, info, and connection for me. Good luck on your future projects!

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