Playing Multiple Characters – Ep290

Playing Multiple Characters – Ep290


Is it really faux pas for players to play multiple characters? Traditionally it is frowned upon at our table. But why?


Cast – Brandon, Dan, Brandi, Eric, Jayson and Mike



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8 thoughts on “Playing Multiple Characters – Ep290

  1. Crazy episode! Found a little more about Sean than I was looking for. .. I laughed when a couple of you mentioned that you’d like to play the staff of a bar. I’m currently putting together my rule set for the system I created. I am also writing a one shot game to be packaged with the rules entitled IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN XENADELPHIA. It may take me a while to complete but I’d be happy to set you up with a free copy. Thanks for all the hard work pouring together the pod cast.I listen every week.

    1. Sadly, yes. After a hard look at everything I realized that maintaining the show, as is, was not sustainable. I didn’t want to change format or record/release scheduling to keep it on life-support, as that is merely delaying the inevitable.

      I am super proud that we reached 300 episodes. It was a great run and I had a blast.

  2. So sad you guys are shutting it down at 300. It’s understandable though. I’m sure it has been a giant effort. Thank you so much for all the wonderful episodes. They have been a great source of fun, info, and connection for me. Good luck on your future projects!

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