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Agents of the Dark Council – Power of the Darkside – Ep1


In the chambers of the Dark Council, the Sith rivals meet and are given their mission.


Dramatis personæ:

Zandar Vexx (Dan)

Daemus Karn (Mark)

Kadri Dyvas (Mike)

Riq Da’Naer (Jayson)

Cyphus Baan (Shawn)


This is the first actual play episode with the entire group.

Please check out our Obsidian Portal Campaign Companion for character bios and other items.

Next Episode: Price of Loyalty


Star Wars is property of Disney

Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game – Wizards of the Coast

Music – John Williams

Sound Effects – Ben Burtt


  1. Jayson
    Jayson July 26, 2012

    I love how you altered Mark’s voice to make him sound vile and evil.

  2. greg
    greg July 27, 2012

    Well done on the voice modulation on Emma and Congrats to the little bit for her delivery.

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