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Price of Loyalty – Power of the Darkside – Ep2

Among the rebels on Ord Mantell

Having arrived on Ord Mantell, the agents of the Dark Council are given the intelligence for their pending mission; the recovery of the Mandalorian Marell Lowe.

The night before the operation, a banquet is held in honor of the agents arrival.

Loyalties are called into question and suspicions are acted upon.


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Greg joins this session playing Emma Sonn, Da’Naer’s business partner. Shawn was not available for this episode so Cyphus Baan is behind the scenes.


Next Episode: Headhunters


Star Wars is property of Lucasfilms

Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game – Wizards of the Coast

Music – John Williams

Sound Effects – Ben Burtt

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  1. Fembreck
    Fembreck August 16, 2012

    I am really enjoying the Star Wars stuff.

    Darth Arthur made me laugh, love it 😉

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