Darkness – Power of the Darkside – Finale

Darkness – Power of the Darkside – Finale

When Sith vie for power, darkness is the only victor.

The agents of the Dark Council, having penetrated the lair of Darth Inferis, now face one of their own for the fate of the galaxy.


Star Wars is property of Disney

Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game – Wizards of the Coast

Music – John Williams (Except for Battle of Christophis – by Kevin Kiner)

Sound Effects – Ben Burtt

For a behind the scenes look explaining plot secrets and other spoilers, check out our Gamerstable Power of the Sith Recap episode.

For those having trouble listening with the provided player, we are including a player from Spreaker.

5 thoughts on “Darkness – Power of the Darkside – Finale

  1. Wow! Didn’t see that end coming!
    Any chance if you do consider running a sequel you’ll look into where that Jedi came from?
    At one point I was expecting you to end by having that jedi reveal his surname is Palpatine!

  2. I was absolutely enthralled. Victoriana was fun, this was masterful. If only Ryq had grabbed the blaster rifle and gone full auto when the double fumble happened!

    Amazing fun, thank you for letting me live vicariously!

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