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Fantasy Age: The Ruins of Underhall (A Valevictor Academy Story)

Students of the elite Valevictor Adventurer’s Academy uncover the plot of a subversive cult threatens not only the school, but the lands surrounding it.



Episode 1 – The Professor

Episode 2 – Ashes of The Dian

Episode 3 – Darkness in the Forest

Episode 4 – The Imperial Mine

Episode 5 – Into Faederano



Garris Perdia – Brent Phillips

Kol Baltulai – Toju

Takyr deRukath – Erik Taylor

Elegard d’Donne – Daniel Helderman


Gamemaster – Eric Ausley

Written and Produced by Eric Ausley


Music by Neocortex


Fantasy Age is property of Green Ronin Publishing