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Shannon’s First Game – Part 1 – The Beginning

We wanted to record someone’s first tabletop roleplaying game experience. Shannon joined us in this social experiment. It is one introductory adventure featuring Ivy Nightfall and her crew of misfits.


The first installment of Shannon’s first game features the characters getting established and learning about the mission.


Cast and Characters:

Mike – Narrator and Dungeon Master

Eric – Arthur Lobnob Pengrove

Dan – Zamfir

Mark – Mikael Knutzich

Shannon – Ivy Nightfall

Jayson – Captain Dee Biscuitville

Shawn – Flux Coldsteel


  1. Hopeless
    Hopeless August 30, 2012

    Have yet to listen to the podcast but love what you’ve put out so far!
    Character pics and names worthy of a gamer!

  2. Hopeless
    Hopeless August 31, 2012

    Ooh… I just realised the bard can only cast effectively cantrips which the cleric can’t even do!
    Any chance of knowing the stats of the sorceror?
    Oh boy, the halfling is certainly honest about trying to get the most from this “deal” and by that not even going through with their agreed mission!
    You know if they do manage to go up a level since this is only a one off game (shame really it has all the hallmarks of being an interesting idea for a campaign!) I can’t help wondering what they’d do…
    The halfling could multi-class as fighter but given his skill pts will probably stick as a rogue, the dwarf fighter could easily replace the gnome as the party cleric or even multi-class as a ranger if he wanted, the gnome cleric I’d like to see what he’d do if he multi-classed as an illusionist darn a gnome’s favoured class is bard… never noticed that before illusionist was a much better fit for them!
    The Bard if he really is NE might be better off multi-classing as a rogue, the elven Ranger is about the only one which looks fine as she is although what did she spend her skill points on?
    It sounded like 3 on ride and 1 on spot but none on Survival although I missed what was said about Knowlede/Nature though!
    Roll on the next episode!!!!

  3. Argon
    Argon September 9, 2012

    The gnome and the halfling are the only ones role-playing so far. Who would of thought the dwarf would be more flamboyant then the bard. Feats of strength and miraculous horse mounting techniques. I would like to see if Shannon could develop into a role player , perhaps the campaign can move along a little further.



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