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Shannon’s First Game – Part 2 – The Road to Port Calm

Continuing our newest member’s first tabletop game.

Ivy Nightfall and her companions are escorting a crate of unknown cargo to a nearby town. After clearing away some mysteriously felled trees, the group and their drover Kane continue along the trail to adventure (or should I say misadventure).


Cast and Characters:

Mike – Narrator and Dungeon Master

Eric – Arthur Lobnob Pengrove

Dan – Zamfir

Mark – Mikael Knutzich

Shannon – Ivy Nightfall

Jayson – Captain Dee Biscuitville

Shawn – Flux Coldsteel


Editor’s Note:

This was recorded during a massive thunderstorm that resulted in a rather large waterfall from one of Shawn’s basement windows. The audio was cleaned up as much as possible, but there are still some rough patches.


  1. Hopeless
    Hopeless September 16, 2012

    Well that was interesting didn’t think your cleric could cast spells will have to recheck that I suppose access to the domain of healing and a single first level healing spell would be sufficient maybe I was wrong and he had a wisdom of 10 since I thought a 9 meant he couldn’t cast 1st level clerical spells?
    Well it was entertaining which is more important hopefully you’ll go back to them for another one shot!

    • Eric
      Eric September 16, 2012

      One of the incentives for playing our game “Sea Princes Rules” (referring to our Sea Princes campaign) is that Mike deemed that there are no stat prerequisites for feats or abilities.

      If there were, we wouldn’t have been able to call our race and class before rolling 3d6. The characters are ineffectual enough without imposing further restrictions on them.

  2. hopeless
    hopeless September 17, 2012

    I second that comment regarding shadowrun!!!

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