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Recording in Shawn’s Studio (read basement)

Mike (left), Dan (center) and Jayson (right)

Recording session 8/24/11


Mike with a smart phone, Greg has dice & Jayson is Openly Gamer

Post Recording Session: 9/28/11


From Left: Mark, Jayson, Eric, Dan & Shawn (Mike is hiding behind Jayson)

Shot at Archon 35: October 1st, 2011


D&D cast art by ArtMonkeyWorld

Our D&D themed cast caricatures. As Dan and Shawn like to say, “there’s a lot of cloth in this group.”


Star Wars cast art by ArtMonkeyWorld

Our Star Wars themed cast caricatures.

Cast as all the Doctors by ArtMonkeyWorld

Doctor Who themed cast caricatures.

Cast as Barbarians by artmonkeyworld

Conan themed cast caricatures.


Pre-record session April 11, 2012.

No Jayson this time, he was on a work related trip. But he ended up trying to play by speaker phone later… fail.

A rare Dan cosplay moment trapped in time.

During one of our post-record game sessions… yes we actually play games after our recordings.



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