Shadowrun – The Dragon Variation – Ep2 Legwork

Shadowrun – The Dragon Variation – Ep2 Legwork

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What makes or breaks a Shadowrunner, what separates the elite from the pretenders, is not the sophistication of their toys. It’s their legwork.

Nightfall – Shannon Steele
FastBack – Dan Helderman
Frenzy – Mike Bridges
Talisman – Brandon Williams
Poison Lilly – Brandi Williams
Astral Glide – Jayson King
Blockade – Shawn King
Starfish – Edgar Gonzales
Destiny Joe – Chris Hussey
Suzanne Forester – Liz Theis
Thorne Estandress – David Dobrev
Talon – Steve Kenson

Theme Music by DotSound
Background Music by MachinimaSound
Edited by Daniel Helderman
Written, Produced and Directed by Eric Ausley

A sincere thank you to Catalyst Game Labs for allowing us to make this production
Shadowrun is property of The Topps Company

5 thoughts on “Shadowrun – The Dragon Variation – Ep2 Legwork

  1. Have you thought about a character creation episode for those of us not familiar with Shadowrun?

    Made me go take a look at how much the books would cost even as far as taking a look at the beginner box set, quite pricey for an introductory set!

    All in all another great episode!

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