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Cartoons – Ep149

Champion of Little People or Elitist, Racist Monster?
Champion of Little People or Elitist, Racist Monster?

We are children of the Saturday morning cartoons. How have they shaped our games and the stories we tell?

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Jayson

Outro: Jayson

Items Mentioned:

Dungeons & Dragons, The Smurfs, The Hobbit, Thundar the Barbarian, Venture Brothers, Johnny Quest, Speed Racer, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thunder Cats, Scooby Doo, Hunter the Vigil, Call of Cthulhu, Lion King, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar the Last Air Bender, Naruto, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Twilight 2000, Savage Worlds, Sea Lab 2020, Battle of the Planets, Voltron, Robotech, Akira, Adventure Time, Clone Wars, Harry Potter, Superfriends, Batman: the Brave & the Bold, Batman the Animated Series, Animaniacs, Power Puff Girls, Heavy Metal, Duck Tales, Tale Spin, Rescue Rangers, Inspector Gadget, South Park, The Simpsons, Frisky Dingo


Movies: Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Apparently I should see it…

This week’s show is a bit different. We talk about some of our favorite movies, but we also have the perspective of Mandy (Deuce’s wife and Eric’s sister).


We also run long on this one. That is for two reasons: We intended to break this episode up into two parts, but decided that that was lame so we didn’t. The other reason is that it is not as tediously edited as our regular episodes. We did that because we wanted to convey the feeling of what it really is like to sit at the table with us as we bullshit.


Movies : Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Running Time – 1:10:07


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Mandy, Deuce & Jayson


00:00 – 00:30                      Intro

00:30 – 00:32                      Topic: Movies

00:32 – 01:24                      TANGENT: A Full House & The Internets Can’t Tell Us Apart

01:24 – 03:03                      Back on Topic

03:03 – 07:23                      Topic: Dan’s Movie List

07:23 – 14:16                      Topic: Mandy’s Movie List

14:16 – 20:46                      Topic: Deuce’s Movie List

20:46 – 27:05                      Topic: Mark’s Movie List

27:05 – 33:21                      Topic: Jayson’s Movie List

33:21 – 38:44                      Topic: Mike’s Movie List

38:44 – 46:50                      Topic: Eric’s Movie List

46:50 – 49:48                      Topic: Honorable Mentions

49:48 – 50:42                      TANGENT: Mayan Tribe Denier

50:42 – 51:15                      Back on Topic

51:15 – 51:45                      TANGENT: 2 Girls 1 Cup

51:45 – 59:40                      Back on Topic: Future Wishes

59:40 – 1:09:39                  Topic: Green Lantern and Other Summer Movies

1:09.39 – 1:10:07               Outro