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Urban Fantasy – Ep202

Harry, M***** F***ing, Dresden
Harry, M***** F***ing, Dresden

A genre that we agree is probably one of the best ones to hook new gamers is the urban (or modern) fantasy. It is abundant in many forms of media nowadays, it would be hard to find someone who cannot identify it.

Cast – Dan, Mike, Brandon, Brandi, Shawn, Eric and Shannon

Items Mentioned:
Shadowrun, Numenera, Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, Once Upon a Time, Vampire the Masquerade, X-Files, Harry Potter, Underworld, Twilight Saga, Neverwhere, Friday the 13th TV Show, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Corporia, Delta Green, Little Fears, Doctor Who, FATE System, Sandman Slim

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Corporia: Making the Game – Ep134

Corporia Building the Game

Corporia, a near future modern fantasy game by Brabblemark Publishing, is a game that is near and dear to us. Friend of the show, Mark Plemmons, is the creator of this great game and we are privileged to have him on with us to talk about the process he went through to get this project off the ground.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Jayson, Mark and Shawn

Intro: Mike

Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:

Corporia, Kickstarter

Editor’s Note:

Corporia is our featured sponsor for the month of November 2013. Please check out the Kickstarter campaign here and back it, we did.

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