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Tag: dragons

Dragons – Ep35


Two badass dragons... but not what we are talking about.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a dragon?


We answer this as we talk about fantasy’s most iconic creature.


Dragons – Ep35


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 32:27


00:00     Intro

00:23     Topic: Dragons

00:30     TANGENT: Yes, Mike… this is your topic choice.

00:54     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Skyrim, Council of Wyrms, Dragonlance, Record of Lodoss War, Dragonslayer, Dragonheart

07:22     TANGENT: Reign of Fire Sausage-fest

Items Mentioned: Reign of Fire, Conan, Rotten Tomatoes

09:27     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: The Never Ending Story, Big Trouble in Little China, Fin Fang Foom, Legend of the Five Rings, Ladyhawke

18:46     TANGENT: Dragon Themed Characters

22:10     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: The Hobbit, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

23:28     TANGENT: No More Ebay for Aaron

24:00     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: World of Warcraft, Dragon Mountain

31:45     Outro



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NPCs – Ep34

Every Epic Tale Needs a Strong Supporting Cast

The Non-Player Character, next a good plot, probably the most important aspect of a game. With strong NPCs a good game can become a great game.


This episode we  talk about memorable NPCs and what made them memorable. We also touch on the process of making an NPC memorable.


NPCs  – Ep34


Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Jayson and Shawn (oh yeah and Dan makes his late appearance… prima donna)


Running Time – 37:33


00:00     Intro

00:21     Topic: NPCs

00:50     TANGENT: Entourage

Item Mentioned: Entourage

01:44     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: The Usual Suspects, Dungeons & Dragons

04:00     TANGENT: The Never Played Star Trek Game

Item Mentioned: Star Trek RPG

05:26     Back on Topic

Item Mentioned: Shadowrun

07:22     TANGENT: Dan Returns

07:29    Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Victoriana, Werewolf

13:57     TANGENT: Advancing from the Roots of RPG

15:25     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dead Gentlemen Productions, Dragon Age, Resident Evil

36:51     Outro



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Hack & Slash vs. Roleplay – Ep22

Sometimes you just wanna kick someone’s ass.

This week we continue a trend where we pit a philosophical aspect of gaming against another. Now we look at combat heavy games (or even just game sessions) and how they stack up against games that focus more on the roleplaying (storytelling).


Hack & Slash vs. Roleplay – Ep22


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson & Shawn
Running Time – 28:47


00:00     Intro

00:28     Topic: Combat vs. Roleplay

Items Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun

02:04     TANGENT: Jayson’s Social Rules Pop Quiz

02:30     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Vampire the Masquerade

02:48     TANGENT: A Lesson in Aggravated Damage

03:30     TANGENT: OMG A Jersey Shore Tangent

Item Mentioned: Jersey Shore

04:28     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Aces & Eights, Hackmaster

08:05     TANGENT: Jayson’s Aces & Eights Natural Broke Killer

08:55     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Mutants and Masterminds, The Boys, Lair Assault, Warhammer 40K, Paizo

12:12     TANGENT: Jayson’s Paizo Wish

12:50     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Gen Con, Call of Cthulhu

15:06     TANGENT: Eric Doesn’t Do Prison Games

Items Mentioned: Oz, Caged Heat

15:46     Back on Topic

16:35     TANGENT: Flirting with Mike

17:26     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dragon Mountain, Undermountain

24:22     TANGENT: Actual Play Podcasts – Easy Notes

25:21     Back on Topic

26:09     TANGENT: Fantasy Fantasy Roleplay

26:46     Back on Topic

Item Discussed: The Sword

28:20     Outro



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