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Gamerstable Fiction: The Crusade of Black Gus – Pt2 – by Brent Phillips

The Vile Black Gus

The Vile Black Gus

Our good friend Brent Phillips has graced us with the next part in his saga of Black Gus.


Please check it out here.


The vile gang leader in Shannon’s First Game was first spotlighted by Brent in Black Gus.





Gamerstable Fiction: The Crusade of Black Gus Part 1 – by Brent Phillips

Black GusOur friend Brent Phillips begins a new chapter in the adventures of Black Gus with his new tale “The Crusade of Black Gus“. This is part 1 of the saga.

For those who don’t know, Black Gus was the villain in our “Shannon’s First Game” actual play.

To read Brent’s first Black Gus tale, check out “Black Gus“.