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Gen Con Primer – Ep109

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Is it that time again? You betcha!

Every year at this time we start gearing up for our favorite destination, Gen Con. We have been going for several years and have some insight on prepping for the trip.

If you have never been there before, or are Gen Con veterans, maybe some of our tips can help. Maybe not… but we love talking about the best four days in gaming.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Dan, Shannon, Dave, and Shawn

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Intro: Jayson
Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:
Gen Con, US Hostels, Pizza di Tito, Doctor Who, Gear Kreig, Legend of the Five Rings, Harry Potter, Burning Wheel, Green Ronin, Larry Elmore, Fiasco, RAM Brewery

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Thieves! – Ep65

Thick as thieves? You goddam betcha!

A thief in the group can be a blessing and a curse. No other class in Dungeons & Dragons elicits the same level of uneasiness among the group. A thief can get you in a door or find a deadly trap on a treasure chest, but they also are shady bastards that try to keep all the best treasure for themselves and will shank you if they think they could get away with it.


We take an intimate look at this iconic character class. How it has changed over the editions of the game and how it is still causing party woes.


Thieves! – Ep65


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Running Time – 33:01


00:00     Intro: Eric

00:30     Getting to the Topic

Items Mentioned: Star Wars (West End Games), Dungeons & Dragons

03:40     TANGENT: Class Based Magic Items

Item Mentioned: World of Warcraft

04:16     Back to the Topic

Items Mentioned: The Avatar Trilogy, Ocean’s Eleven, Leverage, Lynn Flewelling, Thieves World, Green Ronin, Lankhmar, Shadowrun, Sneakers, Eddie Izzard, Jean Reno, The Dark Tower, Ladyhawke, Conan

16:37     TANGENT: Adversarial Sith

17:03     Return to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Discworld

20:49     TANGENT: Mark’s Feelings on Competition & Healer/Fighter XP Farm

22:24     Again to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Harry Potter

28:40     TANGENT: DRKCV’s Campaign Idea

30:10     Final Thoughts on the Topic

Items Mentioned: Erevis Cale Series, Victoriana

32:18     Outro: Jayson