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[Bonus AP] Justice League: Immortal Coil – Mutants & Masterminds AP

[Bonus AP] Justice League: Immortal Coil – Mutants & Masterminds AP

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The Justice League has uncovered a conspiracy and now must race against the clock to stop a threat that, if left unchecked, could destroy the entire world.



Jayson King – Superman

Brandon Williams – Aquaman

Brandi Williams – Green Lantern: Jessica Cruz

Mike Bridges – Green Lantern: Simon Baz

Brandon Irwin – Batman

Shannon Steele – Wonder Woman

Dan Helderman – The Flash


Written & Directed by Eric Ausley

Theme music by Yens Keelstoft

Mutants & Masterminds is property of Green Ronin Publishing

Batman is property of DC Comics

2017 Resolutions and Challenges

2017 Resolutions and Challenges

We’re back!

Even though our weekly shows are no more, we are continuing our tradition of making resolutions for ourselves and challenging each other to grow and generally get off our butts and do something.

Finding Inspiration – Ep299

Finding Inspiration – Ep299

Inspiration can come at any time, while doing anything. Sometimes all it takes is taking the time to listen.


Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Brandon, Brandi, Mike and Shannon


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