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Despicable & Dastardly – Ep162

Villains are one thing, then there are those that are so hated that the heroes will stop at nothing to get at them.

What are the qualities that make a villain despicable and dastardly?

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson & Shawn


Items Mentioned:
Game of Thrones, X Files, Conan, True Detective, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Saw, Hannibal, Braveheart, Harry Potter, Heroes, Loki, Breaking Bad, Karate Kid, Legend of the Five Rings, Mystery Men, The Boys, Hellblazer, South Park, Hunger Games, Gladiator, Star Wars, Robin Hood


Rubbing Elbows with Iconic NPCs – Ep50

Be careful which iconic characters you inject into your game. It could spell doom.

It is one of the most fulfilling and potentially damning things that can happen in a campaign, meeting the iconic characters from a setting. Doing it right can mean so much to the players that they reminisce about it for years. Doing it wrong means you have to listen to the players bitch about it forever.


With some help from the community, we tackle this very touchy and popular topic.


Rubbing Elbows with Iconic NPCs – Ep50


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 27:55


00:00     Intro

00:42     On to the Topic

Items Mentioned: World of Greyhawk, Drizzt, Elminster, Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu, Victoriana, Aces & Eights, R A Salvatore

07:09     TANGENT: Monday Night Dark Times

07:43     Back to Topic

15:42     TANGENT: Mandalorian Troop

16:05     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, DC Adventures, Mutants and Masterminds

18:01     TANGENT: Underlying Theme, Star Wars Thoughts and Huck Finn

Items Mentioned: E.T., Huckleberry Finn

22:16     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Fallout, Dungeons & Dragons, Mystery Men

27:10     Outro



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